Power Storage and Distribution
Battery System
Power Capacity • 11.1 V nominal Li-ion system
• 60 Whr energy storage
• 80 W power output capability
• 40 W power input capability
• Very low-loss charge/discharge controllers for efficient power transfer
• Parallelizable for expanded capability
Physical Properties • Mass: 450 grams
• Dimensions: 75 x 70 x 45mm (L x W x H)
Safety & Fault Tolerance • Recoverable under-voltage, over-voltage and over-current cell-level fault protection
• Output power-on/off hysteresis-band for reliable low-state-of-charge system recovery
• Low battery voltage triggered trickle-charge for safe cell recovery
• Two fault-isolated Li-ion strings
• UL-listed Li-ion cells
• Dual deployment-switch system-power inhibits
• Commandable charge-power disconnect for spacecraft decommissioning
Thermal Control • Six cell-distributed 1-W heaters for even thermal distribution
• Fail-safe heater control circuitry
Telemetry • Power input and output current and voltage monitors
• Integrated battery module temperature sensors
• Li-ion cell protection circuit status