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A Satellite Enhancing Global Connectivity To The Internet Of Things

The Internet Of Things From Space

CENTAURI-5 is the third satellite Tyvak International has built for Fleet Space Technologies. The satellite launched aboard SpaceX Transporter-5 and follows the successful deployment of CENTAURI-4 on SpaceX Transporter-2. The spacecraft is based on Terran Orbital’s Thriumph platform.

CENTAURI-5 is orbiting in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) at an altitude of roughly 530 km (330 miles). A 6U nanosatellite with a total weight of 12kg, CENTAURI-5 will add capacity, reduce latency, and provide additional network redundancy in the existing six satellite Centauri constellation operated by Fleet Space in collaboration with Terran Orbital. 

Upgrades to the Centauri 5 payload include enhancements that mitigate the effects of radiation in LEO, direct communication links to the ground station as well as an extended S-band range, allowing uplink at standard, ground station frequencies. 

Digital beamforming provides extra gain, increasing the data rate, and also allows the S-band frequency channels to be reused on the different beams. This combination increases by 2x the satellite’s data capacity. In a world first, the all-metal patch antennas are all entirely 3D printed. 




Communication M2M/IoT


Fleet Space Technologies


6U NanoSatellite

Launch Date

May 25, 2022

Launch Vehicle

Space X Falcon-9

Mission Length


Mission Completion


Space X Falcon-9

SpaceX launched several dozen payloads on its fifth dedicated rideshare mission on May 25, 2022. The Falcon 9 lifted off from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral, Florida, at 2:35 p.m. Eastern.

The Transporter-5 mission carried 59 payloads, which SpaceX described as including satellites, orbital transfer vehicles, and non-deploying hosted payloads.

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