Terran Orbital’s Tyvak International Centauri-6 Satellite Successfully Deployed into Orbit

Photo of Centauri-6. Image Credit: Tyvak International

TURIN, Italy, April 16, 2024 – Tyvak International SRL (“Tyvak International”), a Torino, Italy-based subsidiary of Terran Orbital Corporation (NYSE: LLAP) and a leading European provider of nano and microsatellites, announced the successful launch of Fleet Space Technologies’ Centauri-6 satellite, which was developed in collaboration with Tyvak International.


The satellite was launched aboard the pioneering SpaceX Bandwagon-1 mission on Sunday, April 7th from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at Kennedy Space Center, Florida at 23:16 UTC.


“We are thrilled with the successful deployment of our Centauri-6, a testament to the strong collaboration between Tyvak International and Fleet Space Technologies,” said Fabio Nichele, Chief Executive Officer of Tyvak International. “This mission showcases not only our expertise in miniaturization and advanced satellite manufacturing, but also builds upon Terran Orbital’s pioneering heritage in building small satellites. We’re excited to see the impact this constellation will have across various industries.”


The addition of Centauri-6 to Fleet Space’s pioneering satellite constellation will play a vital role in servicing global demand for the company’s end-to-end mineral exploration solution, ExoSphere and build its capacity to deliver advanced SATCOM capabilities with microsatellite architectures. It joins the ranks of Centauri-3 (launched in March 2021), Centauri-4 (in June 2021), and Centauri-5 (in May 2022), laying the groundwork for Fleet Space’s expanding satellite constellation. These satellites harness cutting-edge technologies to pioneer revolutionary satellite-enabled solutions for global clients.


Centauri-6, built upon Tyvak International’s sophisticated avionics platform, features a unique IoT payload developed by Fleet Space, further showcasing the efficiency and scalability of modern satellite manufacturing methods. Fleet Space’s payload, manufactured using advanced techniques such as 3D printing, signifies a streamlined approach to prototyping, demonstrating a path to efficient and agile mass-scale satellite manufacturing in the future.


Fleet Space’s satellite constellation is unlocking new capabilities across the space exploration, defense, and mineral discovery landscapes. From enabling the Fleet Space’s Exosphere technology to deliver 3D subsurface models for exploration customers in days to delivering advanced SATCOM capabilities with highly efficient connectivity, this satellite constellation is unlocking unprecedented capabilities worldwide.


About Tyvak International

Tyvak International SRL, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Terran Orbital Corporation, is a leading European nano and microsatellite provider, based in Torino, Italy. A front runner in miniaturization and specialized in execution and delivery, Tyvak International is the Prime contractor of the European Space Agency for the Milani mission, coordinating a team of 12 entities, universities, research centers, and enterprises in Italy and across all of Europe. Learn more at www.tyvak.eu.


About Fleet Space Technologies

Fleet Space Technologies is Australia’s leading space exploration company revolutionizing critical mineral discovery, space technologies, and defense with its satellite-enabled solutions and seismic array technology (Exosphere by Fleet®). Headquartered at the national center of Australia’s space industry in Adelaide, Fleet has expanded its global footprint to the US, Canada, Chile, and Luxembourg with over 120+ employees, representing 37 nationalities, worldwide. In 2023, Fleet Space was named “Australia’s Fastest Growing Company” by the Australian Financial Review. Learn more at www.fleetspace.com.


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